Tamron SP AF 60mm F/2 Di MACRO 1:1


Creativity & depth of field with APS-C sensors


Tamron SP AF 60mm F/2 Di MACRO 1:1
Tamron SP AF 60mm F/2 Di MACRO 1:1
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A wide depth of field is sometimes nice to have, can however be annoying in macro photography, because there is no play between sharpness and unsharpness. It is this play which often leads to very interesting image compositions. Due to its geometric-nature an APS-C sensor offers a relatively wide depth of field. The only possibility to reduce this characteristic feature for reasons of image composition is to use the greatest possible aperture. The Tamron SP AF 60mm F/2 Di MACRO 1:1 has a very big aperture opening, and hence has the ability to extend your creative horizon by a new dimension.

The high optical quality and its excellent luminosity are the characteristic features of the The Tamron SP AF 60mm F/2 Di MACRO 1:1 has a very big aperture opening, and hence has the ability to extend your creative horizon by a new dimension.. It builds on the long-standing tradition of the legendary SP AF90mm F/2.8 Di MACRO 1:1 and the SP AF180mm F/3.5 Di MACRO 1:1. The magnification ratio of 1:1 allows you to capture the smallest details that nature has to offer in full format. It belongs to the Super performance (SP) class of Tamron lenses distinguished by ultra high optical and mechanical quality.

Dramatically attractive blurred background effects which make the motive stand out from its background can be generated with this high speed lens at open aperture. Moreover, shots under low-light conditions are possible.

A new autofocus system allows you to maintain full-time manual control of the sharpness level at any time by intervening without engaging the AF/MF switch-over button. The lens employs a large focus control ring to ensure a solid grip and precise control which is especially important in macro photography.

The macro 60mm was constructed exclusively for digital SLR cameras with image sensors not greater than 16x24mm and offers an angle of view when converted to full frame corresponding to a focal length of 93mm. This lens is ideal for macro and portrait photography.

Aberrations are kept at a minimum with Tamron’s Di II technologies. Especially the so-called internal surface coatings, which are also applied to cemented surfaces, ensure for brilliant and sharp images right up to the edges. Impressive shots are guaranteed with this supreme lens.

Please note that Di II lenses are made for the exclusive use on digital SLR cameras with image sensors smaller than 24mm x 16mm. Di II lenses cannot be used together with a full format or 35mm SLR camera, as their image sensors are not able to cover the entire area of full format resulting in dark corners of the (i.e. vignetting becomes noticeable).

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Item NoG005
Angle of view26
Optical Constructionrotation
Diaphragm Blades7
Minimum Aperture22
Minimum Object Distance [m]0.23
Maximum Magnification Ratio1:1
Filter size [mm]55
Weight [g]350
Diameter x Length [mm]73 x 80
Maximum Aperture2
Focal Length [mm]60
Item no. hoodHG005
Item no. front capCP55
Available coloursBlack


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