Sony DSC RX100 V


0.05-sec. AF speed and up to 24fps continuous shooting

20.1 MP 1.0-type stacked CMOS image sensor with DRAM chip

ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar® T* 24-70 mm lens with F1.8-2.8 aperture




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Sony DSC RX100 V
Sony DSC RX100 V


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Sony DSC RX100 V – best-performing compact with 1.0-type sensor

Meet the Sony DSC RX100 V camera — the ultimate compact for capturing movies and stills in captivating detail. This camera inherits the RX100 series’ renowned 1.0-type image sensor, and advances with blazing-fast 0.05-second  autofocus, 315 AF points for the world’s most comprehensive phase-detection coverage of its kind, continuous shooting up to 24 fps  with AF/ AE tracking, as well as outstanding 4K movie capabilities.

Sony DSC RX100 V

Faster, more precise AF

0.05-sec., 315-point-wide AF

Continuous shooting 24fps

With dynamic AF/AE tracking

Advanced image processing system

Uncompromised quality and speed

Extends support of 4K high resolution

Always sharp and clear

Super slow motion

Slower action for greater detail

More versatile functions

Choose to shoot as you like

Faster, more precise AF

First in RX100 series with 0.05-sec. AF speed

The improved autofocus on the Sony DSC RX100 V camera is the result of a cutting-edge AF system that combines super-fast 0.05-second AF speed and the wide, dense AF coverage employing 315 phase-detection AF points.

Wide 315-AF-point coverage keeps action in focus

315 densely arrayed phase-detection AF points on the Sony DSC RX100 V camera offer the world’s widest coverage (65% of new image sensor’s image area) for consistent AF and tracking, even of small, fast-moving subjects.

[1] Point of focus   [2] Contrast-detection AF  [3] Phase-detection AF

Autofocus achieved in just 0.05 seconds

The Fast Hybrid AF system on the Sony DSC RX100 V camera, combining high-speed phase-detection AF with extremely accurate contrast-detection AF, allows the camera to lock onto and capture moving subjects in merely 0.05 seconds.

Continuous shooting 24fps

Shoot continuously at up to 24fps with AF/AE tracking precision

Smoother tracking captures full glory with reduced blackout

Capture 20.1 MP high-resolution images at up to 24fps high-speed continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking for up to 150 shots . Reduced blackout makes it easier to track moving subjects on EVF/LCD screen.

The more quiet, the more candid

Switch to electronic shutter and deactivate sound  to get close to and shoot pets and other subjects silently, even using continuous shooting mode.

Advanced image processing system

Behind advanced AF and continuous shooting

Exmor RS™ CMOS sensor, BIONZ X™ and front-end LSI

The newly developed 20.1 effective megapixel Exmor RS CMOS image sensor featuring focal plane phase-detection AF sensor, the high-speed BIONZ X image processing engine and upgraded front-end LSI that supports image processing are efficiently controlled. Together, they achieve 0.05-sec. AF response and high-speed continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking at up to approx. 24fps.

No.1 image sensor manufacturer for digital cameras and video recorders

Outstanding image quality and continuous shooting

You needn’t compromise image quality for shooting speed. The Sony DSC RX100 V can capture high-resolution images of over 20 MP as quickly as 24fps, thanks to enhanced image processing capacity and response.

Extends support of 4K high resolution

Focus sharpens with Fast Hybrid AF

Fast Hybrid AF with wide autofocus coverage supports focusing and tracking accuracy that is outstanding enough to surpass the rigorous standards required for 4K movie shooting .

Going beyond basic 4K requirements

4K movie recording featuring full pixel readout without pixel binning condenses about 1.7 times as much data as is required for 4K movies so 4K movie output looks unbeatably brilliant.

Super slow motion

Double recording duration to capture more action

Extended super slow motion at up to 960fps

The RX100 V camera can record movies in super slow motion at up to 960fps (40x normal frame rate) for twice as long as its predecessor, so you can capture more of the details that express action most memorably.

More versatile functions

Inheriting more versatile control

The Sony DSC RX100 V  inherits the brilliant retractable OLED electronic viewfinder with anti-reflective ZEISS® T* Coating, multi-function control ring/custom buttons and 180-degree tiltable LCD screen that distinguish its predecessor.

Capture One Express (for Sony)

One of the world’s best RAW converters by Phase One

Capture One Express (for Sony) is one of the world’s best RAW converters, rendering precise colours and incredible detail. It contains flexible digital asset management, all the essential adjustment tools and fast, responsive performance in one customizable and integrated solution

Works with iMovie and Final Cut Pro X

This product is compatible with Final Cut Pro X and iMovie.

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