Photography Course





Our photography course is designed to incorporate both the theory and practice of getting to know and to use your camera more effectively. It is ideally suited to anyone who has purchased a camera with manual capability or anyone who has been using their camera on program modes and wishes to move beyond using the camera on basic settings.

The course consists of 8 sessions in total. The first 4 sessions are held on consecutive Monday nights from 8PM to 10 PM at the Vienna Woods Hotel. Beginning with the history of how the camera and photography have evolved into what we are familiar with today and continuing with understanding how the camera functions to produce an image, incorporating the use of Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO, and how these affect the overall image, including the Depth of field.

The initial sessions concentrate on becoming more familiar with these settings while increasing awareness of the importance of understanding how light affects the image and gaining more insight into attaining better composition

Various techniques and tips are covered for subjects which include people and portraits, landscapes, sport, nature, interior and exterior architecture, macro and close up, night and low light, to name but a few.

The 5th session is held in the shop where participants have the experience of exploring the different camera types, lenses, flashes, tripods, filters, camera bags and the many accessories available to improve photographic technique and camera capability.

The 6th session encompasses low light and night photography. The participants capabilities are further developed at this stage, advancing from an understanding of theory to engaging in the practice of what has been learned in the previous sessions. This photo shoot session takes place by night in Cork City.

The 7th and 8th sessions are held in succession over 4 to 5 hours of a Sunday afternoon as a photo shoot where participants can gain further practical experience engaging in photographing nature, landscape and seascape.

With over 30 years of photographic knowledge and experience, we have the expertise required to assist your with all makes and models of cameras in addition to the various settings and techniques required to improve your photographic awareness and skills.

Whether you are a novice or in need of a refresher course, this course would be beneficial to anyone hoping to pursue further studies in the future, or for anyone wanting to understand their camera and improve upon their photographic skills.