Peak Design Leash strap

The Peak Design Leash strap – part of a well thought-out system and does a great job when you are going lightweight with a smaller mirrorless or compact SLR film camera. Also great with binoculars!


Peak Design Leash strap
Peak Design Leash strap
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Designed for gear minimalists or situations where packing space is limited, the Peak Design Leash strap is a full-featured pro camera strap that fits in any pocket or camera bag. No chunky shoulder pads or bulky hardware…Leash sheds the superfluous bells and whistles found on other camera straps, yet still contains a ton of useful functionality that other straps can’t provide. In other words, it’s all the strap you need, and nothing you don’t.


Configurable as a sling strap, neck strap, safety tether, and more. Easily adjust length with dual aluminum and Hypalon quick-adjusters, designed to operate with just 1 finger. Connects and disconnects quickly using our unique Anchor Link system, and stows easily in your pocket or bag. Each Anchor holds over 200lbs (90kg), strong enough to keep the heaviest of pro rigs safe. As of 2018, Leash features upgraded webbing and totally revamped adjustment hardware. Anchor connectors have been updated to be smaller, faster, and more secure.


After observing some of the world’s greatest photographers use climbing rope and shoelaces to carry their cameras, we saw a need to create a camera strap with maximum utility in a minimalist package. Leash has incredible versatility, and more importantly, zero slop.


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