Nikon Z 9

Take a quantum leap forward

Astounding speed. Unparalleled precision. Phenomenal detail. Stills or video—the Z 9 flagship mirrorless camera will help you achieve flawless images without fail. Whether it’s news, sports, fashion, reportage, events. Take the most advanced camera we’ve ever made. To places only you can reach.


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Nikon Z 9
Nikon Z 9


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The Z 9 will take you as close to perfect as you can imagine. The new, stacked 45.7 MP full-frame CMOS sensor and ultra-fast EXPEED 7 processer deliver astonishing image quality. Nikon’s most advanced AF system ever re-defines tenacious. Day-long shoots. Hours of 8K video. The most extreme locations. The fastest action. The Z 9 stands up to the toughest professional demands—and then some.

Shoot like it’s not even there

Like all truly exceptional tools, the Z 9 has been built to disappear. Instant start-up. Balanced weight. Robust build. This camera is as tough as you’d expect a Nikon flagship to be—and as agile as you want it to be. You’ll feel so comfortable with it in your hands, you won’t have to stop and think about anything—except what you’re shooting.

Class-leading, mind-blowing AF

Continuous AF calculations performed at unheard-of speeds. Simultaneous subject recognition powered by advanced AI algorithms. Real-time views with absolutely no EVF blackout. There might not be an algorithm for luck—but there’s a whole system for precision.

Deep-learning AI

People, animals, birds, vehicles. No other AF system can recognise so many subjects in a scene at once. The Z 9 can lock onto eyes no matter how small the subject is within the frame and recognise faces—even if they’re upside down!

Advanced auto-area AF

The phenomenal 493-point AF system includes 405 auto-area AF points—five times more than the Z 7II. Subject tracking across the frame surpasses even that of the acclaimed D6. 10 AF-area modes let you optimise your AF setup for any job.

Advanced 3D tracking

The pitch. The sky. The track. The Z 9 follows subjects with ferocious precision. Our most advanced 3D-tracking system understands what you’re shooting and reacts instantly to changes in subject position, orientation, or velocity.

Blaze ahead—fast

Blistering speeds of up to 120 fps with full AF/AE put the Z 9 firmly in a class of its own. You can also shoot at 20 fps and capture over 1000 full-resolution images in one high-speed burst. Lens choice is vast, with over 100 fast Nikon lenses supporting shooting at up to 120 fps.¹ ²


No visible rolling shutter

The world’s fastest sensor-scan rates and super-fast shutter speeds virtually do away with rolling-shutter distortion. Images won’t look warped. Straight lines will look straight.

Fast shutter speeds

Shutter speeds of 1/32000 combine with the camera’s ability to shoot at ISO 64 for incredible depth of field when shooting with fast NIKKOR Z lenses, even in extreme bright-light conditions.

Tireless buffer

Shoot without interruption. The deep, high-speed buffer won’t slow you down, and easily handles shooting at up to 120 fps. Dual slots accept fast CFexpress Type B cards that easily keep the buffer clear.

Blackout-free EVF for real-time views

You have never seen a view like this before. The Z 9 boasts the world’s brightest³ (3000-nit) electronic viewfinder display—and there’s absolutely no lag. You get a genuine continuous real-time view. If your subject moves or there’s the slightest change in the scene you’re shooting—you’ll see it.

Four-axis tilting monitor

Adapt to the moment with fast, flexible framing. The large, responsive monitor tilts 90 degrees from a horizontal or vertical shooting position. You’re free to let the action lead, and nail extremely low or high angles with ease.

Intuitive information display

The info display automatically rotates when you switch to shoot vertically. The clean interface makes settings quick to confirm in landscape or portrait orientation, and the i-menu and ISO buttons are easy to reach when shooting vertically.


Knocks. Drops. Surprises. The skeleton of the Z 9 is forged from magnesium alloy for the ultimate balance of strength and lightness. On an extended shoot? The camera maintains high electromagnetic-shielding and heat-emission performance.

Sensor shield

A new sensor shield protects the sensor from dust and fingerprints when you’re changing lenses. Lens after lens after lens, your gear has you covered—literally.

Dual-sensor coating

A conductive coating creates a magnetic field that actively repels dust particles from the sensor. While a fluorine coating makes it simple to wipe dirt away.

Illuminated buttons

On a night shoot? The top and rear LCD control panels and key buttons illuminate with a flick of the power switch. Easily change camera settings in the dark.

Nikon Z 9 Nikon Z 9 Nikon Z 9 Nikon Z 9 Nikon Z 9

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