Joby Action Bike Mount & Light Pack

For GoPro® and Other Action Video Cameras

Capture your biking adventures with this mount built for cameras such as GoPro®, Contour®, and the Sony® Action Cam.


Joby Action Bike Mount & Light Pack


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Features & Specs


Capture every second of your next bike, ATV, motorcycle or dirt bike adventure with this bike mount for GoPro® or other action video cameras. Easily attach a camera and a GPS at the same time. The kit comes with two safety lights.


  • Low-profile and rigid form factor easily clamps to bicycle, ATV, or dirt bike handlebars. Fits any handlebar with included inserts–from 22.2mm to 35mm size. Mount covers road, mountain, hybrid, cruiser, fixie, ATVs and dirt bikes.
  • Designed with multiple attachment points so you can mount your action video camera at the preferred angle. Multiple mounting points give you the flexibility to mount accessories to the top, front, or back–you decide where you want to capture your footage.
  • Can be used simultaneously with other accessories with 1⁄4″-20 mounts (lights, Garmin® computer, smartphone with GripTight, etc.) Now you can have one quick, easy-attach/easy-detach platform for all of your bike attachments.
  • Includes front white light and rear red visibility lights with built-in 1⁄4″-20 design. Designed for true flexibility. Secure these lights on the mount, or attach them separately to your bike with the stretchable bands. Turn on with the simple push of a button for a single light or flashing mode.

Designed for:

Action Video Cam

Dimensions and Weight:

Product Dimensions:3.5 x 8.4 x 11 cm (1.38 x 3.31 x 4.33 in)
Weight:224 g (0.49 lbs)

Connection Point:

1/4″-20 standard tripod mount, GoPro mount


Polyarylamide, Rubber, Silicone, Stainless Steel

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