Godox Xpro Transmitter

The Godox Xpro Transmitter –  moving from on-camera flash to off-camera can be one of the greatest boosts to your photographic creativity. With this Godox Xpro transmitter you will be able to control lights and bring your photos to another level.


Godox Xpro transmitter
Godox Xpro Transmitter
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The Godox XPro Transmitter is a very advanced and convenient to use remote controller and trigger devices working in Godox X system, compatible with Quadralite Navigator X. Ergonomic to use, the user can control sixteen groups of lamps changing the flash output, zooming the flash or controlling the status of the pilot light simultaneously. Five buttons and a knob located on the housing gives very quick access to the settings of a specific group and facilitates work on the set.

Ergonomically located control knob provides control over flash output and allows you to change other parameters as well. The transmitter has a built-in system supporting the camera’s automatic focusing, which facilitates work both in the studio and outside.


Godox XPro is fully compatible with the TTL automatic flash measurement of dedicated cameras, it also provides full control over the flash output in manual (M) and strobe (Multi) modes. The user in both cases can use flash exposure compensation or manually set the flash energy. Synchro with very short exposure times (HSS) and flash modes for the first and second curtain are also available.

Godox XPro is equipped with a USB type C connector, which is used to update the firmware.

Powered by two AA batteries.

Set contains:

  • Godox XPro transmitter
  • mini stand
  • original packaging Godox Xpro Transmitter



Godox Xpro Transmitter Godox Xpro Transmitter Godox Xpro Transmitter Godox Xpro Transmitter Godox Xpro Transmitter

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Compatible with

Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus-Panasonic, Pentax


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