Godox LED500LRC Video Light

The Godox LED500LRC video light for bright even lighting at home, in the studio and on the go.


Godox LED500LRC Video Light


  • Free 2 Year Warranty

The Godox LED500LRC video light is an excellent constant light for video production, product photography, vlogging and any application where soft and even light is needed.

With its wide temperature spectrum of cool to warm light (3300K~5600K), the Godox LED 500LRC is very versatile.

Main features:

  • Premium LED bulbs and wide screen offer high brightness.
  • Remote control allows you to adjust brightness and color wirelessly.
  • Multiple LED500 light can be control with one remote.
  • DC powered or Lithium battery powered (2x Sony NP-F970 batteries not included)
  • Heat dissipation design.
  • Can be hand held or fixed to a tripod.
  • Barn doors for manipulating light.
  • Removable light diffusion panel for harsher light.

The information panel on the back of the lamp provides all relevant information such as brightness, channel and group, lamp temperature. Convenient knob to adjust the brightness in the range of 10-100%

Built-in receiver, controlled by RC-A5 remote control, allows remote control of the lamp. It is very easy, by grouping lamps and using channels, to control several lamps by setting individual operating parameters of one, several or all (also turn off).

The panel is powered by the AC adapter (included) or optionally by two popular Sony NP-F970 (7.4V) camera batteries.

DC Power Supply





6 groups(A,B,C,D,E,F)


Max. 32W

Color Temperature

3300K~5600K ±300K


2900 (1m/4200K) 1450 (1m/3300K) 1450 (1m/5600K)

Light Brightness Range

3300K/5600K:10%~100% 3400K~5500K:25%~100%

LED Beads Quantity

5600K:252 3300K:252

Operation Temperature




Net Weight


Godox LED500LRC Video Light Godox LED500LRC Video Light Godox LED500LRC Video Light Godox LED500LRC Video Light


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