Fujifilm X-H2s (pre-order)

Launch offer–> 1/2 price Fujifilm vertical battery grip (VG-XH) when you pre-order.

Another exciting Fujifilm release! Balancing high-end photography features in a rugged and comprehensive package, the Fujifilm X-H2s is sure to find its way into the hands of the most demanding content creators and fast-paced photographers.

  • Extremely well built and ergonomic mirrorless camera body.
  • Much much faster in operation than predecessors due to the stacked-sensor design usually reserved for top end full-frame cameras.
  • One one the most complete video featured mirrorless cameras on the market.
  • Access to Fujifilm’s incredible line-up of lenses.


Fujifilm X-H2s (pre-order)
Fujifilm X-H2s (pre-order)
  • Free 2 Year Warranty
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