FeiyuTech SPG 3 Axis Smartphone/Action Camera Gimbal

  • Arm Adjusts Without Counterweights
  • For Most Smartphones & Action Cams
  • Auto-Switching Horizontal/Vertical Modes
  • Button/Joystick Control via Bluetooth
  • Run/Stop Camera from Gimbal Handle
  • App-Based Calibration & Other Functions
  • Limitless 360° Pan / Slip-Ring Motor
  • Up to 8-Hour Runtime on 1 Li-Ion Battery
  • Aluminum Body, Soft Rubber Grip


FeiyuTech SPG 3 Axis Gimbal
FeiyuTech SPG 3 Axis Smartphone/Action Camera Gimbal


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  • Next Day Delivery

The FeiyuTech SPG 3 Axis Smartphone/Action Camera Gimbal features a sliding arm mechanism to quickly center your device without the use of counterweights. The FeiyuTech SPG 3 Axis Smartphone/Action Camera Gimbal also features a smart vertical mode wherein a slow tilt from the horizontal re-orients the screen 180°. Besides the blogger-popular vertical mode, the Bluetooth-enabled SPG offers panning, panning/tilting, and lock modes. Its slip-ring motor enables limitless 360° panning, and its inversion mode enables you to capture low-mode views.

The downloadable Feiyu On app can be used for auto face-tracking, to trigger automatic gimbal calibration, to update firmware, and to select various parameters. The aluminum alloy FeiyuTech SPG 3 Axis Smartphone/Action Camera Gimbal features a rubberized handle with a joystick and two control buttons. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers a run time of up to 8 hours. Switching between the SPG gimbal’s panning, panning and tilting, and lock modes is accomplished with taps of the control button. The SPG handheld gimbal folds for easy storage.

Compatible Smartphones/Action Cameras
iPhone 7 Plus/7/6s Plus/6S/6Plus/6/SE/5c/5s/5
Huawei with lens clip
GoPro HERO series
Similarly-sized devices, 2.2-3.1″ W x 4-5.5″ H

Feiyu Tech SPG 3 Axis Smartphone/Action Camera Gimbal


  • Internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to eight hours of operating time
  • The gimbal’s sliding arm adjusts to balance your device without the use of counterweights
  • Use this Bluetooth-enabled gimbal to operate your camera with just two buttons and a 4-way joystick
  • Aluminum alloy body with comfortable, rubberized handgrip


Panning Mode
The phone moves left or right, following your handheld movement; tilting and rolling positions are fixed


Panning and Tilting Mode
The phone moves left or right, and tilts up and down following your handheld movement; the rolling position remains fixed


Inversion Mode
The phone is inverted for low-angle shooting close to the ground


Smart Portrait Mode
The cellphone/camera is in the vertical position when used in this smart vertical mode


Product ModelSPG  (SPG 3-Axis Video Stabilizer Handheld Gimbal for iPhone)
EAN Code: 6970078070363
Brand Name:FeiyuTech
AdaptioniPhone 7 Plus/7/6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6/SE/5c/5s/5
or other smartphones with the similar dimensions
Titling Angle320°
Rolling Angle320°
Panning Angle360°
Tilting Increments2°/s ~ 75°/s
Panning Increments3°/s ~ 150°/s
Battery22650 / 1pcs
Firmware Upgrade
Vertical Shooting
App Setting
Compatible with Accessories
Balance Adjustment√ (Sliding arm mechanism for wide range of phones)
Usage time8Hours
Weight350g(Not including battery and smartphone )

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