Cokin P Series ND Filters

Neutral Density (ND)

Designed so that absolutely no color from the entire visible spectrum prevails, the neutral density filters can be used in many different contexts, depending on which type is used : uniform shading (square) or graduated shading (rectangular). Uniform ND filters reduce the quantity of light that reaches the sensor – or the film – increasing the exposure time. These filters have 3 main practical applications: emphasizing the flow of movement, reducing the depth of field, avoiding overexposure.


Cokin P Series ND Filters
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In principle, these filters reduce the total amount of light reaching the camera sensor. This allows photographers to work with larger apertures or slower shutter speeds. The whole filter is neutral grey in colour and does not affect the colour balance of the scene being photographed. In order to select the correct filter to match the light level, Cokin ND filters are available in various densities: light, medium and dark with exposure factors of 2x, 4x and 8x or 1, 2 and 3 stops (These are also sometimes known as 0.3ND, 0.6ND and 0.9ND)

         1 STOP                2 STOPS            3 STOPS

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ND 2 P152, ND 4 P153, ND 8 P154


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